Fighting Nineteen to VF 191

OFFICIALLY commissioned 15 August 1943 at NAAS LOS ALAMITOS, Cal., Fighting Squadron Nineteen commanded by LCDR T.H. Winters, a veteran of the North African campaign, began its career. At its christening, VF 19 had just a single Grumman Hellcat, one Piper Cub, and a Grumman Duck. This practically grounded condition ceased shortly with the arrival of more Grumman F6F Hellcats which VF 19 was to fly and far in the Pacific.

"Satan's Kittens" inauspicious birth gave no hint to the honorable service they were to serve. They fought in all the major Pacific conflicts that the US was involved in, until as VF 191, they were disestablished in the late 1970's. Satan's Kittens were to contribute numerous awards and distinctions to the annals of US naval aviation history.

This is their story...


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Not money, but information! Much of the information on this web site has come from official records - either directly off of the internet, or from the US Navy's Historical and Heritage Command. I have several requests for information being processed. But this takes time, as naturally, the US Navy is pretty busy... I also receive contributions from ex-squadron members and their families, friends and others. Personal contributions are valuable as they can provide details that the official records do not mention. It makes the squadron's story more personal.

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