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It comes as a suprise to some, that I am neither American nor have any connection with the U.S. Navy. I'm British, and the have only ever been to sea as passenger. I was born in the mid-sixites. My dad was in the army, the Royal Army Medical Corps and my mum also served, in the Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps. With other relatives also serving in various branches of the British army, I guess it was natural to have interest in military things. I used to make plastic model kits as child, and I even remember my first two kits; an Airfix Curtis Helldiver and Vought Corsair. I sort of drifted away from models and 'toy' soldiers as I grew older. I got into hobby electronics and amateur radio.

After leaving school, I went to study at Wray Castle college, in the north west of England. There, I spent three years studying to be a Merchant Navy Radio officer. In the end though, I didn't get my morse code ticket, and got a dry job with a big defence company. I've spent most of my working life as a telecomms engineer.

Midway through my life, I upped and moved to Finland. I then moved into technical writing - which makes it embarrasing when spelling mistakes are found... However, due to the "economic environment" I found myself out of work for a long period. I now work for a company called EHP-Tekniika - we produce monitoring stations and data deleivery service for enviromental monitoring such as water condition and weather.

My interest in military stuff never really waned, and for reasons explained on the other side of the screen (the left, not the back) I found myself writing this website.

A few years ago, I put up a website called Hell's teeth and Satan's kittens. The idea was to take a jokey phrase we used to use and try and translate it into as many different languages as possible. The expression Hell's teeth is nothing new. It is an old English expression.

I thought the phrase Satan's kittens was pretty unique! However, after looking at the visitor statistics for this page, I saw someone had come here from Google, looking for "satan's kittens". Out of curiosity I followed up the search... I found that "Satan's Kittens" were a fighter squadron of the United States Navy. After doing several searches of my own, it seemed that most of th einformation was concentrated only on the second squadron to bear the number - this squadron only lasted for a few years in the 1980's and flew F-14A Tomcats.

Since I am interested in military history, I decided to research the squdron more, and add a page to the Hell's teeth and Satan's kittens website. But, I as found out more about the squadron, I realised they deserved more than a few paragraphs. So, the Satan's kittens webite was created.

I started with references from a few other websites, mostly about the Tomcat years. Then I found the US Navy's historical website had documents with information about the air group and squadron. Since then, other people have contributed, included ex-squadron and air group members and their families.

I cannot thank enough all the people who have helped to this website. From personal recollections and fowarding information to allowing the use of art-work, every little bit helps retell the story of Satan's Kittens.

This website is continually under construction. I am always on the lookout for more information, and am waiting for more documents from the US Navy about the squadron. If you have anything you would like to add, or if you find anything wrong, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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