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James Hart:
26 July 2015
I’m James Hart, former AX3 VP17, Whidbey Island, 64-67. I’m writing regarding my brother, Felbert (Butch) Hart, AQ3, VF191, Miramar & Bonni Dick in 64 & 65. He was killed in 67, just 10 months after his discharge. Would like to hear from anyone who knew him during his VF191 days. Thanks, Jim
If anyone wants to contact Jim regarding his brother, please email me your contact details and I will forward them on.


Dave Reichard:
Served with VF-191 as an AE from 1964 to 1966.

Jim Snyder:
I served on the Oriskany from 1964 1966
It was a great experience meeting lots of great shipmates. I am still friends with Jim Baker and spend time with him.

Ray Schoch:
I've sent you an e-mail. My dad flew 45 missions with VF-19 in the summer and fall of 1944, and was the squadron engineering officer. It's a pleasure to see a site devoted to the long and distinguished history and service of this squadron.

PO2 Conley:
would like to find a few old shipmates.

PO2 Conley:
served with the 191 1n 1986-1987

Does Satan's Kittens have a connection to the USS Midway? Their insignia is on a wall on the Midway.

Dom Abbriano:
Served with VF-191 as an AO in 1951 aboard the USS Princeton.

Joe Nemie:

Douglas MacKay:
62-65 PR3. Concord Squadron, Africa and the begining of the fight (we started it) in the Gulf of Tonken. Shipmates, where are you? Ken Huffgaurd?

Mark Doherty:
Check out Barrett Tillmans - Hellcat Aces of WW2 - Osprey Airceft Series 10. It has a great section on VF19 with stories and photo as the last chapter of the book.

son of Ltjg Curt Copeland (Mark):
My Dad flew F-8 Bearcat #44,Satans Kittens,We lost him 3-11-04.Still have lots of photo's of all of you who he served with.Mark Copeland

matt gibbs:
My grandfather was ed schoch. Lt. Pilot. I would like to get some stickers and patches for satans kittens.

Jeffrey L. Hughes:
Served with the Hellcats from Nov. 1973 till June 1977. Love that F-8 Crusader.

Michael Woessner:
I served with VF-191(NAS Miramar)from 1986-1988.

M. Warner:
Amateur Aviation Archaeologist working in the Santa Rosa Area. Did some research on a F6F crash site near Jenner, CA that belonged to VF-19. Flight originated from Santa Rosa NAAS on March 17th, 1945, the pilot was Lt Duncan if anyone has any information on this I would be very interested.
Very cool site you guys have here!

Leslie Randall USN RET
I was aboard the Oriskany in 1955 and am trying to establish that an USAF exchange pilot was in the squadron and CAG 19 at that time. He was lost on a cold cat shot when we were coming into PEARL HARBOR. I want to put his name on the memorial plack at the Oriskany museum in Oriskany, N.Y. His name was Capt. T. Booth Holker. any information would be greatly appericated.

Site Editor:
Leslie Randal - I am trying to get the accident report, or the squadron reports for the period. Please get in touch.

Site Editor:
Leslie Randal - I have recieved the accident report from the Naval History and Heritage Command.
The reports states that on 12 January 1955, the F9F-6 Cougar, flown by 1st Lt. T. Holker Booth USAF, suffered a failure of the port-side landing gear while landing aboard the ORISKANY. He was, however, unharmed.

Father (Richard H. Fairservice deceased \'84), served on the Lexington with VF-19 in \'44.

Any surviving crew or unit members that flew or served with him are welcomed to contact me.

Mark Spencer
I was part of VF-191 at NAS Miramar from 1975-1978 in the Air Frame shop (AMS-2). We flew F-8s on USS Oriskany's last cruise, then transitioned to F-4Js and made a cruise on USS Coral Sea before decommisioning. I have very good memories of my time with Satan's Kittens.

CWO4 T.C. Moore, USN, RET.
Got linked to this site via a Facebook query. Good stuff. I Was the Kitten's Gunner (Ord O) Dec 86-Apr 88 but have a lot of history with VF-191 dating to 1963 and CAG-19/USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31).

A02 Jerry B.Maxfield
VF 191 Sept.86- Dec.88

Richard Thompson
I was a Aviation Machinist Mate 3rd class with VF-191 from 1956 - 1959.
Made two deployments. 1st on the CVA-10 Yorktown and the 2nd on CVA-31 Bon Homme Richard.

AMS1 (Later AMSC) Charles Ross
I served with vf 191 from \'66 to \'69, deployed on USS Ticonderoga. I was the squadron paint crew leader. Love to hear from other shipmates from that time.

30 August 2012
I was with VF-191 from 1971 thru 1975 Flight Deck trouble shooter aboard the USS Oriskiny. All good years. F-8\'s were king of the fleet at the time.

13 September 2012
I want to say thanks!,

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