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Squadron established
15 AUG 1943
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1 MAR 1978


VF 191 entered the Vietnam war zone at the beginning of 1964, aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA 31). During their second deployment the following year, again aboard USS Bon Homme Richard, the squadron lost four pilots. Two were killed Lieutenant (jg) Edward D. Brown, 29 July 1965 and Lieutenant (jg) Gerald Green on 12 September 1965, and two were taken prisoner.

Film of attacks on Vietnamese bridges and roads by aircraft from Bon Homme Richard on 17 June 1965.
At 1:49, the aircraft taking the film is identified as the F8E of CDR Dixon, VF 191.

On 27 October 1965, Lieutenant Dennis A. Moore's F8E was shot down about 5 miles west of the city of Hoa Binh. Moore was captured by the North Vietnamese and was held in various prisoner of war camps, including the infamous "Hanoi Hilton" complex in Hanoi. He was released in the general prisoner release in 1973. Later that year, Commander Howie Rutledge was shot down over the Thanh Hoa Province on 28 November 1965. During his capture, he managed to killed one of his would-be captors. He too was released in the general prisoner release in 1973.

On Your Wing - By Tom W. Freeman

The F-8 of Lt. Commander John B. Nichols, III, of VF 191, flies along side of the damaged A-4 Skyhawk flown by Lt. Commander Michael Estocin. Both pilots and aircraft were from the U.S.S. Ticonderoga (CVA 14) during an "Iron Hand" mission, 26 April 1967.

During the next three deployments, the squadron lost three more pilots. While aboard the USS Ticonderoga (CVA 14) they lost Lieutenant Robert L. Millerwho was killed 7 March 1967 and Lieutenant Peter F. Cherney on 2 February 1968. Lieutenant John B. Martin was killed on 06 October 1970, operating from USS Oriskany (CV 34).

The only recorded 'shoot down' of the Vietnam war was on 9 July 1968. Lieutenant Commander John B. Nichols III, in an F8-E, shot down a MiG-17.

F-8Js from USS Oriskany - undated. Photo: USNI.

High jinks! A brace of F-8Js from USS Oriskany (date unknown). Photo courtesy USNI.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Crusaders began to be replaced by F-4 Phantoms, especially aboard the larger aircraft carriers. By 1972, F-8s had disappeared from most carrier based fighter squadrons, having been relegated to the reserves or placed in storage. By the last year of the Vietnam war, only four fighter squadrons flew the Crusaders: VF 24 and VF 211 from the Hancock and VF 191 and VF 194 from the Oriskany. All of them flew the F-8J upgrade of the F-8B. VFP 63's detachments still continued to operate the RF8G. Most of the smaller 27C carriers had been retired by this time, leaving only the Oriskany and the Hancock still in service. Most of the Atlantic Fleet Crusader squadrons had already been decommissioned.

The turn of the decade also saw changes in the carrier group's organization. When CVG 19 emabrked aboard USS Oriskany (CVA 34) in May 1970, the attack (VA) squadrons had been replaced by VA 153, VA 155 and VA 215. Along with VF 191 and VF 194, these squadrons would form the core of CVG 19 for several more years.

LossesFolded US flag

Lieutenant (jg) Edward D. BrownKilled29 Jul 1965F-8E #150337USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA 31)Binh Binh Province
Lieutenant (jg) Gerald GreenKilled12 Sep 1965F-8E #150331USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA 31)Phat Diem Hanh Ho
Lieutenant Robert L. MillerKilled07 Mar 1967F-8E #150350USS Ticonderoga (CVA 14)Thanh Hoa Province
Lieutenant Peter F. CherneyKilled02 Feb 1968F-8E #150667USS Ticonderoga (CVA 14)Gulf of Tonkin
Lieutenant John B. MartinKilled06 Oct 1970F-8J #150289USS Oriskany (CVA 34)Gulf of Tonkin


FromToCarrierAircraft TypeTailcodeTheatre
Jan 1964Nov 1964USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA 31)Vought F-8B CrusaderNFVietnam
Apr 1965Jan 1966USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA 31)Vought F-8B CrusaderNFVietnam
Oct 1966May 1967USS Ticonderoga (CVA 14)Vought F-8B CrusaderNMWestern Pacific, Vietnam
Dec 1967Aug 1968USS Ticonderoga (CVA 14)Vought F-8B CrusaderNMWestern Pacific, Vietnam
Apr 1969Nov 1969USS Oriskany (CVA 34)Vought F-8J CrusaderNMWestern Pacific, Vietnam
May 1970Dec 1970USS Oriskany (CVA 34)Vought F-8J CrusaderNMWestern Pacific, Vietnam
Jun 1972Mar 1973USS Oriskany (CVA 34)Vought F-8J CrusaderNMWestern Pacific, Vietnam
Oct 1973Jun 1974USS Oriskany (CVA 34)Vought F-8J CrusaderNMWestern Pacific, Vietnam
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